Grawinkel – Hornbill EP

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Grawinkel’s „Hornbill EP“ brings you four tracks of dirty Dubstep. The release is brought to you by the Leipzig based crew and label „Boundless Beatz“ and will be released on October 22nd 2021.

Even though the tracks seem punchy and on point for big sounds, the spirit of a wonky clown – laying under your bed, rattling with chains – still lingers in them. So this release is one of the few pieces out there that should be equally enjoyable in the clubs as much as on your couch and even on your way home on a rainy night.

Deep vibes combined with straight forward structure – it should not be missed. This is the kind of release you would show to a friend, who isn’t into Dubstep already.

Release date
22nd october 2021 on all usual platforms


Boundless Beatz:

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Kjubi & Amon Bay – cwyu / Home

Since releasing a couple of single tracks, remixes and EP’s for the low-frequency-enthusiasts during the last couple of months on different labels such as Alphacut, Blackhill Production and Break The Surface, Kjubi teamed up with long time companion and vocalist Amon Bay for their debut Single on Boundless Beatz.
Combining serious dancefloor vibes and elegant composing with a meaningful message on Home, Kjubi provide stompy rhythms, dangerous sub and self recorded jazz elements in combination with lyrical genius Amon Bay on Can’t Wake You Up.
Beeing both, functional on the dancefloors and for the needs of listeners as well, these 2 tracks create a warm and stunning summer breeze feeling in early autumn.


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dreadmaul – Dust & Bones EP [Boundless Beatz]

dreadmaul returns with his 3rd part of his dark jungle trilogy for Boundless Beatz…

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dreadmaul – Curse Of The Jujuman EP [Boundless Beatz]

With his second EP on Boundless Beatz dreadmaul expands his spiritual skills by a deep rewarding audio experience. ‚Ayahuasca‘, ‚Chaos Theory‘, ‚Destroyer Of The Worlds‘ and ‚Tusk‘ lead you through dark, magic and mystical soundscapes and have the potential of an entheogen. ‚Turn on, tune in and drop out‘!
(Amon Bay)

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Fade – Taino / Lo-Fi [Boundless Beatz]

Welcome to the sounds of Fade.

It’s pure bliss to present you two special tunes from the Ukrainian-born maestro himself.

Inspired by the Taino tribe caves in the Dominican Republic, Fade has crafted a tune that reflects cultural ceremonies and the consequential mystical experiences. From the caves to the club, this track signalises the beginning of a ritual that gives us a reason for our existence: Being in high spirits to spread the love.

A gloomy intro that gets dissolved by a jamming bass with a distinctive vocal characterize this minimal tune. The perfect flip side.

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Wright & Bastard, Amon Bay, dreadmaul & Epidemic – Splinter [NoSYS Prod.]

Unser MC Amon Bay hat sich mit Top-Produzenten aus Leipzig zusammen getan und daraus entstand der Trip-Hop Banger Splinter. Dieser wurde als Jingle für das Evoke 2015 Festival geschrieben, ist der Soundtrack für die Kurz-Animation ALX – One Reason und hat bei der Musik-Competition Deadline Berlin den ersten Platz gemacht.
Jetzt hat Wright & Bastard – der Hauptkurartor und CEO von NoSYS Productions – den Song auf selben Label zum Free Download freigeschaltet!

Hier gibts den Song als Free Download!

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Wintermute – Convergence EP [Boundless Beatz]

Wintermute has been a friend of Boundless Beatz for a long period. We are very happy to announce that our 2nd release will feature a 5 track EP by himself.
Just a few months ago Wintermute released with Neonlight the Edge EP on Blackout, the label run by Black Sun Empire. This EP was absolutely outstanding and we can see, hear and feel on the Convergence EP that he continues to work on his production skills and his broad spectrum of musical output.
He moves forward on tunes like Proximity or Shattering Crystals. Euler’s Disc, which features Leipzig based producer Cues, and Convergence show his forward thinking sound regarding diversity when it comes to halftime business. RWD seems to be a legit bonus on the Ep!
The Winter is around the corner, but it won’t be muted!


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dreadmaul – Blood Magic EP [Boundless Beatz]

After 7 years of radio shows, podcasts and too many memorable events with local and international artists to mention. The time has come for Boundless Beatzz to expand its horizons to include a label. The first release comes from Mainz resident, dreadmaul, who has already released on labels like Authentic Music, Break The Surface and others. The Blood Magic EP combines his sound design experiments with energetic drum work, tribal influences and dark atmosphere.

OUT NOW on Beatport:

Release date: 13.02.15!

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We Are A Label Now

Wer in Leipzig wohnt und auf Bassmusik steht, kommt an Boundless Beatz nicht vorbei. Auch über die Stadtgrenzen hinaus ist der Name, der synonym für Veranstaltungen, Podcasts und Radioshows steht, wohl bekannt. Nun ist es an der Zeit für die nächste Expansion: Boundless Beatz wird zum Label.
Das erste Release steuert dreadmaul bei, der 2012 den Boundless Beatz Newcomer-Wettbewerb gewann und sich so einen Support-Gig für Joe Syntax in der Distillery erspielte.
Der Kontakt zwischen dem Wahl-Mainzer und der Boundless Beatz Homebase riss danach nicht ab – zum Glück. Denn das Talent in dem – damals noch – Newcomer blieb dadurch nicht unentdeckt. Zuerst war es audite, der in dreadmaul das Potential zum Producer sah. Dann auch Dubbalot und Amon Bay, die seit Sommer 2013 ebenfalls zum Boundless Beatz Kollektiv zählen.
Es folgten Releases auf einigen kleineren Labels, Kollabos quer durch die Republik und auch ein Bootleg mit audite, das zum kostenlosen Download zur Verfügung gestellt wurde.
Zu diesem Zeitpunkt war dem Boundless Beatz Trio die Idee, ein Label zu gründen, bereits nicht ganz neu, doch als dreadmaul im Frühjahr 2014 eine Vielzahl frischer Tunes an audite schickte wuchs die Motivation, diese Tracks noch weiter auszufeilen und selbst zu veröffentlichen – so schließt sich der Kreis.
Musikalisch will sich Boundless Beatz nach wie vor nur bedingt Grenzen setzen und die Philosophie dahinter weiter in die Welt tragen.
Dazu und für den Start ihres Labels können audite, Dubbalot und Amon Bay sich kaum einen besseren Künstler vorstellen.
Die Label Launch Partys steigen am 30.01.15 in der Distillery in Leipzig und am 31.01.15 im Gretchen in Berlin.

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Wintermute & Amon Bay – Lies Keep It Alive EP [Break The Surface]


Break the Surface proudly present our new Release „Lies keep it alive“ by Wintermute & MC Amon Bay. On this EP, the two artists reveal creative synergies and dynamic outcomes. In terms of style, this record stands out by its deep, energetic and dry sound without losing funk.

On our latest EP, Wintermute already gave an impressive preview of his fingerprints by contributing to [kju:bi]’s „Prospects“. His understanding of bass-driven music provides an abstract atmosphere influenced by various music styles of which, most notably, experimental electronic sounds from Scandinavia create his kind of deprivation of reality in an extremely pleasant way. His earlier work can be found in releases, remixes and features on C4C, Katakis, Bad Taste, Trust in Music and Digitalgewitter.
In Eastern Germany, when it comes to DNB, you might have come across the striking voice of MC Amon Bay. The long experienced Master of Ceremonies provides a deeper soul dose with his vivid vocal sound. However, those expecting standard phrases, will definitively be disappointed by Amon Bay’s profound and elaborate lines.

The release title „Lies keep it alive“ refers to the social pressure that contradicts the devotion of our existence, whereas the track „Bring it to mind“ takes us on a journey into the core of our soul. „Distracting Knowledge“ talks about attaining knowledge without considering one’s own problems, while „Compared Affair“ is a youthful self-reflection of a lyric ego that meets capitalism and loses track within it.

As a plus, the EP contains contributions, remixes and features by Cues, Bastard und Dreadmaul. We are excited to present you the result of their collaboration!

Text: Franziska Hentsch

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