Wintermute – Convergence EP [Boundless Beatz]

Wintermute has been a friend of Boundless Beatz for a long period. We are very happy to announce that our 2nd release will feature a 5 track EP by himself.
Just a few months ago Wintermute released with Neonlight the Edge EP on Blackout, the label run by Black Sun Empire. This EP was absolutely outstanding and we can see, hear and feel on the Convergence EP that he continues to work on his production skills and his broad spectrum of musical output.
He moves forward on tunes like Proximity or Shattering Crystals. Euler’s Disc, which features Leipzig based producer Cues, and Convergence show his forward thinking sound regarding diversity when it comes to halftime business. RWD seems to be a legit bonus on the Ep!
The Winter is around the corner, but it won’t be muted!


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