Boundless Beatz Podcast #40 – Metasound

Metasound hat die Leipziger DnB Szene über Jahre mitgestaltet, bevor er sich anderen Projekten widmete. Die Liebe zu den gebrochenen Beats kehrt aber immer wieder in unregelmäßigen Abständen zurück und so freuen wir uns heute einen neuen Mix von ihm als Boundless Beatz Podcast präsentieren zu dürfen.

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Wintermute & Amon Bay – Lies Keep It Alive EP [Break The Surface]


Break the Surface proudly present our new Release “Lies keep it alive” by Wintermute & MC Amon Bay. On this EP, the two artists reveal creative synergies and dynamic outcomes. In terms of style, this record stands out by its deep, energetic and dry sound without losing funk.

On our latest EP, Wintermute already gave an impressive preview of his fingerprints by contributing to [kju:bi]’s “Prospects”. His understanding of bass-driven music provides an abstract atmosphere influenced by various music styles of which, most notably, experimental electronic sounds from Scandinavia create his kind of deprivation of reality in an extremely pleasant way. His earlier work can be found in releases, remixes and features on C4C, Katakis, Bad Taste, Trust in Music and Digitalgewitter.
In Eastern Germany, when it comes to DNB, you might have come across the striking voice of MC Amon Bay. The long experienced Master of Ceremonies provides a deeper soul dose with his vivid vocal sound. However, those expecting standard phrases, will definitively be disappointed by Amon Bay’s profound and elaborate lines.

The release title “Lies keep it alive” refers to the social pressure that contradicts the devotion of our existence, whereas the track “Bring it to mind” takes us on a journey into the core of our soul. “Distracting Knowledge” talks about attaining knowledge without considering one’s own problems, while “Compared Affair” is a youthful self-reflection of a lyric ego that meets capitalism and loses track within it.

As a plus, the EP contains contributions, remixes and features by Cues, Bastard und Dreadmaul. We are excited to present you the result of their collaboration!

Text: Franziska Hentsch

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